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Affiliate Marketing For Free: Revenue Sharing Č The overall Marketplace is made up of 100’s of distinct products and programs. To narrow the focus, they have incorporated some of the key features or requirements into their individual fee structures.

revenue sharing is one of them

Depending on the business type (online or offline) a revenue share of between 50% and 70% is the norm. There are some notable degrees of difference, but for the most part you will be plumbing a predetermined percentage or a fixed dollar amount into your pot of gold.

How do you get paid?

You get paid by your customers when they click on your link and buy the product through your unique affiliate link. When you master the art of pre-selling you can get a ton of customers through the door.

How do you keep track of all of it?

Under the old way of doing business you would have sheets of paper print out and if it was during tax time you would stuffing the papers into your filing tabs and burn them. Some even printed the relevant tickets and bought them as they went so that they would be easy to track.

Today, all critical functions on your web site are tracked and computerized. As your web site grows, so does your income.

How do you get paid?

There are several revenue sharing companies that electronically transfer funds into your bank account as a direct outcome of sales generated. This is tracked by special software and is independently verify by an affiliate of the company. Sometimes, you can have the opportunity to choose which company you want to be paid by.

When you join the program, you are given a special code that is incorporated into text links and banners. Anytime someone clicks on these links and purchases, you get a fee.

What are the advantages of affiliate marketing?

The first advantage is that there is no time lag it is much easier to be an affiliate marketer selling other people products. This cuts out the time you take to design and create your own products, which starts to seem like a really huge advantage. You don’t even have to worry about shipping and handling any of the products. That is all handled by the company whose products you are selling. All you have to do is push traffic to them.

The second big advantage is that you don’t have to worry about coming up with and paying for a product. Any reputable company should be able to provide you with a list of products that you can promote for them. If you are just starting out, you can use sites like ClickBank to choose from thousands of electronic products. It is reputable and reliable and you are guaranteed payment for any sales generated by your visits to their website.

Third, electronic products provide an ongoing income instead of a one-time sale. Instead of the affiliate company billing you for a product you have to keep track of what sales you have made and what you are owed. You must also keep track of your commissions with the affiliate company, and this is usually done with the periodic calculations in your affiliate member’s account.

Fourth, there are no quality of products to deal with. Companies like ClickBank deal with all the quality checks and deal with customer complaints. You are not directly Affected systemically at ClickBank. Your income is a reliable and timely payment, in which you are never short of cash.

Fifth, you can make sales of different products at the same time, and make your business more lucrative if you are promoting profitable products.

Sixth, you don’t have to worry about product delivery or possible computer virus or crash scenarios. All of the products at ClickBank are delivered electronically; there is no talk of Ps and Acai berry samples in the cell phone. Finally, ClickBank is a reputable and well-known company, with a good track record of affiliate success.

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Amazon is an online mega company with those trademarked products you’ve already seen. But the real value is in the place as a media buying and hosting company. Even if you don’t make a drop-in at Amazon, you have a place in the online world. As an Amazon affiliate, you have the chance to leverage the company’s worldwide audience to promote your niche products.

Signing-up is easy. In just a few minutes you can join the affiliate program and begin to promote any of their products. Affiliate hurdles such as product creation, promotional materials, tracking are all taken care of for you.

You get access to thousands and thousands of popular products tailor-made to suit your niche. You can create a website to drive traffic to or you can be more obtrusive and use the social networks.

Amazon is reliable.

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