How to Get the Most From Your Affiliate Marketing

How To Get The Most From Your Affiliate Marketing Č editorNote: This article is dedicated for all the sellers of affiliate marketing products. A one-time payment of $50 is required if you want to become an affiliate to receive ClickBank checks.

If you’re interested in earning more with your affiliate marketing, I’ve outlined two simple strategies that work great for increasing your sales and profits.

Strategy #1:

” Before you even think about anything else, including choosing a product to promote, reinvent your model. Consider reinvesting your profits back into your own business. If you’ve ever wondered how you’d like to start your own home-based business, an affiliate marketing option may be right for you. There are dozens of different books and websites that can help you find some good ideas. Many of them are unfortunately over-priced, but you can find some really useful material at these sites.

Choose a profitable category. It’s best to choose a category whose key words you know you’ll get plenty of targeted traffic. The lists that ClickBank offers are quite useful in this regard. Also keep in mind that you will have to write lots of content, including ads, to promote products. This takes a lot of time and effort, so be prepared to invest this kind of money.

Design a squeeze page. The headline will be the first thing that your visitors will see when they land on your website. The key is to operate more or less like a newsletter. Invest the bulk of your time on building relationships with your subscribers. Let them know you’re human, too! After all, nobody knows you from Adam. Plus, they’ll have access to you via email. Be sure to respond to their inquiries as soon as possible.

Strategy #2:

” Nobody knows you for nothing! ” If you want to set up an auto responder to capture visitors’ emails and encourage them to buy your products, you will need a quality auto responder service. This is vital in getting people to opt-in to your mailing list. As for the content of your emails, give them something unique to entice them to open your email. Don’t flood them with commercial messages, unless they request it.

Short, powerful messages that introduce the product and service you’re promoting and not soliciting will work wonders. Don’t stress over what to say. They will decide on themselves to read your email. If you stress over what to say they won’t be able to concentrate on what they should be reading. Short, punchy messages have more impact than long drawn out emails.

In your auto responder, launch your auto responder email program and create a huge number of messages that goes out every day. Encourage your visitors to send their own email, so that you can build your list faster. If you don’t start with your own list, you’re not building your online business. It takes a few months to collect a list of people that we can contact, many of them could be partners or affiliates of your product.

Search our list of affiliate programs to find programs that you can partner with and send the traffic to.

You can build a list in a number of ways, but when you start to send traffic to your own page where you offer something free, people will be more inclined to give you their name and email address. On your website, you can also encourage people to opt-in to your email newsletter. When you have a new product you want to promote, you can easily set-up an opt-in form on your blog.

You can also double opt-in your newsletter to build your list two levels deep. That’s why you pare down your offers to just a few with form fields. They are not as effective but still, it’s better than nothing. If you don’t have a list, at the very least set-up an opt-in page on your website. You can easily set-up or purchase an auto responder service online. They allow you to send out automatic emails to your subscribers. It’s just a simple auto-responder sign-up code that goes in your auto-responder email campaign.

In your messages to your newsletter subscribers, include links to the products you’re promoting. They’ll be lured to the website with the prospect of receiving a free e-book, a half-sale, or a full-sale.

Don’t make your e-book drive sales willy nilly across your entire sequence of follow-up messages. Focus on important points like how your affiliate product solves a problem and how it will benefit your subscribers. Use compelling subject lines in your e-mail to get them to open your e-mail. If your e-mail is interesting enough to stand out, they’ll click on your link in the e-mail and make a purchase.

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