Should We Really Trust?

The other day, I was reading in one of the tech blogs that Silicon Valley is losing its edge and that perhaps investors are putting too much faith in Silicon Valley companies such as Solarbotanic, and Google and that someday those giant companies might crumble. Well, let me say that I certainly hope that is not what will happen but you have to ask yourself a question; when was the last time you heard a Tech CEO gettingashed in front of the Wall Street crowd? The answer would be since the tech bubble burst, or perhaps you are just getting carried away with all the hype. Still, it is true that there are a lot of folks, and that include CEOs, that do not really understand the technology and that is why you need more people in leadership roles in the industry.

It would appear to me, and I am not sure about this, that we should put everyone on a blind date, and we need to find anther group of folks to assimilate into the organization, but we can do that over time. What if we assimilated Amazon, Microsoft, and the other large corporations now? You see, they have a lot of folks that are very smart, and that know how to run a company, and it is time for them to teach those guys or us, how to run a company.

And then you might say, well, if you are concerned about the future of business then maybe you should not be putting so much faith in big business and put that belief elsewhere. I mean, look at all these tech startups that are being built on the bleeding edge of new technologies. You have to give credit to these new businesses, they are getting there because of innovation, and the leadership of these companies is much better than you can believe. Please consider all this.

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