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In the world of online video advertising, there are a number of formats you can choose from when creating your ads. But some of the formats, you have probably heard of before are already obsolete. So if you’re new to online video advertising, what are the different types of formats available? What’s the difference between video ads and infomercials? And which ones are the most effective?

YouTube is one of the earliest formats of this type.

YouTube ad formats date back to 2021, but the look and feel have changed a lot since then. In 2021, many marketers used videos with text-based copy as an opportunity for SEO or search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. This strategy was successful because people would type in keywords related to the product or service they were interested in buying.

Today, YouTube still sees a great deal of use in the realm of video ad formats. But many marketers have switched to using video streaming formats such as WebMd and HLS for better results and efficiency. The same is true of video discovery networks like Adbrite and Bidvertiser. The discovery networks are popular because they let a marketer control the rate that his or her video will be shown. These types of networks are also useful because they allow marketers to target specific demographics, so they can better reach their target audience.

Skippable in-stream ads are popular because they are the most time-consuming of all the formats YouTube offers. Instead of recording an ad and uploading it to YouTube, an advertiser instead places a small trailer on their site that visitors can click on to be taken to the video portion of the site. It’s hard to say whether Skippable is still worthwhile considering that almost every other format out there has become more user-friendly. But a small percentage of advertisers still use Skippable in-stream advertising. And those who do can see much better results.

Another format gaining popularity is PowerPoint. This video presentation format is similar to PowerPoint where you can drag and drop files on the screen to present them in order. But it also includes a feature called Live Pic, which allows users to take a short video snapshot with the press of a button. While this may not seem all that important, it can significantly increase the amount of traffic that your video receives since it gets picked up more often and viewed by people more often


When looking at video ad formats, YouTube still holds the top spot. However, it’s clear that other companies and websites are quickly moving towards using video streaming formats. If you’re an online marketer who wants to put together a great video, consider switching your focus from YouTube to one of the other major players in the video sharing space. You can easily find a number of sites that offer high quality, low cost video ad formats that will make your sales numbers go through the roof. While YouTube still has the most traffic, you may want to consider using these other formats to maximize your potential.

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